Multiple recordWithNoIDs when creating the DT

We are using WM 8.2.2 and we are unable to delete extra recordWithNoIDs document lists from the DT. For more information:
I created a schema that has one record (say the record name is schemaRecord) with max repeat set to unlimited, which means it will be a document list. But when create a document type from that schema I get three document lists inside the document type:


What am I doing wrong? Any help will be much appreciated.

This was a post from 2007 that was never answered.
An answer would be greatly appreciated and quick

When you created the FFSchema does it has record identifier or no based on your file format?

Definitely your recordWithNoID hierarchy is wrong while parsing your file.

Can you elaborate the FFSchema hiearchy ie record definition and field definitions for Nth field option created?


Well there isnt a record identifier so that is why we are using recordWithNoID. The schema in question is using Nth field and its comma delimited. I remember when using WM 8.0 we were able to delete items from the DT if it was locked for edit. Have they removed this feature for 8.2?


You can still delete the document type from the developer that is generated by the FFSchema.

Can you elaborate on your FFSchema creation along with the hierarchy you have created the record definition and fields (1,2,3,)?


Expected… and below is the solution…

Unlike 8.0, when you create flat file schema document using Developer/Designer in 8.2, you can’t delete fields just by locking it. Even after it shows that the document is locked on your user id, you will still not see ‘delete’ option enabled. This is because of a new property that was introduced in 8.2.

IS document property: Link to source

You can view this property only in Designer and not through Developer.

Whenever an IS document is created using XML schema or Flat file schema or any other source file let’s say, the document that is created is based on the structure defined in the schema, hence this property will be set to ‘true’. If you want to edit this IS doc directly without modifying schema, you have to change this property to ‘false’ from Designer which also means ‘this document is no more adheres to schema’.


please try this, go to ur schema in editor then check the property field Default Record just make sure it has not been set to dictionary if it is then delete it. after that delete the IS DT and create it again. this time i m sure u wont be able to get three document list as u were.
this happens when u manually create record definition, field definition & composite definition and again u set the property of default record to the dictionary.
u should choose only one option either manual creation of fields or set the default record field to dictionary.

hope it will help
thanks & regards