Remove Record Definition

Hi All,

I’m working on wM6.1, I have 2 doubts,

  1. I’m selecting records from a table and parsing those records into the flatfileSchema and writing into a flatfile, but in flatfile RECORD DEFINITION is comming. I have to removed that RECORD DEFINITION which is in the flatfile using pub.string:replace service.

In Flat_File_Schema_Developer_Guid_6.1 it was written in flatfileSchme’s set delete property Under Value, click Delete to the default record for this flat file
schema. The actual record definition still exists, but is no longer
assigned to this flat file schema. But in property delete is disabled now how do i remove the RECORD DEFINITION without using pub.string:replace service.

  1. Can we put a unique length for each field for a record in the flatfileSchema. I mean if we use FIXEDLENGTH then for all fields in the record we get the same length.

Any help appreciate.

Thanks in advance,

Hi All,

I need to Write some record into the flatfile, I used flatfileschema. But in FlatFileSchema we have RECORD DEFINITION which will come into the flatfile for each record. how to eleminate that RECORD DEFINITION in the flatfile.

I used pub.string:replace service to remove the RECORD DEFINITION.
Without using that pub.string:replace service, is there any other approach that can be configured in the flatfileschema’s property and avoide RECORD DEFINITION in the flatfile.

Thanks in advance,


You dont set any record definition,use recordWithNoID as RecordDefinition in the FFSchema and then create flatfile string.


Thanks RMG.

It really worked.