Flat File Schema for Fixed length file

Hi, I am trying to process a Fixed length flat file using schema. I have build the schema and it is parsing all the values correctly. But in the flat file schema editor, I do not see the “record seperator”. So the string output comes as a single string rather then carriage returned string.
I think I can better explain it with an example.
Say my output record length required is 10
So my output string looks like this.

Where as the output that I want is

I know this can be done by a simple string operation as well. But is there a way to define this in schema and directly get the output string as required.

I have defined the record length in my schema as 10.

Thanks for your help.

In the FlatFileSchema editor if you select Delimiter option(this works for parsing fixedlength file too) then select record parser to Newline or Carriagereturn (per each record).So when you set the FieldDefinitions select FixedPosition option in the properties…

This way you can manage fixedlength flatfiles with required delimiters.


Thanks RMG. This did worked. This is really tricky…-)

Thanks again.