Create FF Schema with no Record available from FF


In “Flat File Schema Developers Guide.pdf”, it is stated, page 47 :
4 In the Enter Record Definition Name(s) dialog box, type the name of the record.
Important! This name must match the value of the identifier for each record exactly as it
will appear in the flat file. The name of the record reference does not have to match
the name of the record definition in the flat file dictionary. The name of the record
reference will be matched to the record identifier in the record. The name of the
record definition in the flat file dictionary does not need to match the record identifier
that appears in the flat file.

In Developper I created a FF Schema.
The problem is that it requieres the Record has the name of the Value.
i.e. in the sample here below, if xxxxxxxxxx was fixed, it should be the record name.

DELVRY #         DELdateSI PO #      Line Qty          N     Cust PO # 
xxxxxxxxxx      08032005SI6594402   000100000000001,000N     8731123456 
xxxxxxxxxx      09032005SI6630664   000100000000002,000N     1596123456 
xxxxxxxxxx      09032005SI6630664   000200000000001,000N     3456123456 

note :

  • xxxxxxxxxx is a dynamic value representing Delvery Note number.
  • xxxxxxxxxx never starts with a common value enabling the use of “Record” Value

Can anyone explain me how am I to create my Schema ?

ScreenShot attached show you what I have done yet.
“Line” indicate the Record. If I would apply what the Guide says, it would mean that each record (actually a line) should start with the string “Line”, i.e. from the example above, I would have :

Line            08032005SI6594402   000100000000001,000N     8731123456 
Line            09032005SI6630664   000100000000002,000N     1596123456 
Line            09032005SI6630664   000200000000001,000N     3456123456 


OK, I found the solution.

For those having this question (and for myself later on), here it is.

Actually, if WM can not match your flat file against the Schema you have defined, it will look if you have set a “Schema Properties / Default Record / Dictionnary” value.

A “Default Value” (explained page 43 in “Flat File Schema Developers Guide.pdf”) is a dictionnary that will define you flat file as is should be.
In My case, I just recreated a Dictionnary in wich I added a “Record Definition” that exactly reflects what I already did for the Schema (see screen shot in my previous post).
Then I followed the procedure stated page 43 in the Guide :

2 Under Default Record, configure the following properties:
To specify properties for the flat file schema
Property Description
Set Optional - Under Value, click Set to select the default record for
this flat file schema from a flat file dictionary. This record is
used to parse an undefined data record when the convertToValues
service fails to find a match between the flat file and the flat file
If the default record is specified when creating the flat file
schema, any record that cannot be recognized will be parsed
using this default record. If a default record is not selected, the
record will be treated as undefined data.
If the Undefined Data property is set to False and the validate
variable of the convertToValues service is set to true,
convertToValues will generate errors when it encounters
undefined data. For more information about the Undefined Data
property, see page 44.