Multiple port types are not supported when Pre-8.2 compatability mode is false


I am facing issue when i try to create the consumer and provider using WSDL as below.

Unable to create web service descriptor using current version of the web service stack because of the reason(s) listed below. Click OK to create the web service descriptor using the web service stack delivered with Integration Server prior to version 8.2. The resulting web service descriptor will have the Pre-8.2 compatibility mode property set to True.

“[ISC.0081.9190] Multiple port types are not supported when Pre-8.2 compatability mode is false”.

I am able to create consumer only when i click OK. If i select cancel i am getting error as “”[ISC.0081.9190] Multiple port types are not supported when Pre-8.2 compatability mode is false".

Can anyone please suggest on this.

PS: WebMethods Version Fix: IS_9.5_SP1_Core_Fix8

Jacob B

Check the WSDL if you have multiple port types.

What is the WSDL source? Did you get this from version below 8.2?

From IS 8.2.x and above is based on Axis2 which is design to support wsdl 2.0 type services. If you take wsdl 2.0 you can not have multiple interfaces (many port types) for one service.

Hi Mahesh,

The WSDL contains multpile port types and web service is hosted in JBOSS service.

Is there any fix available for this? So that IS allows creating the descriptor without modifying Pre-8.2 compatability mode to True?

Jacob B

I think you have two options:

1> Have one port type and multiple binders. Check with JBOSS team if they can do?

2> We need to check with SAG if there is any fix released for this.

Can you share the WSDL to my email I will try to reproduce it on my set-up.

If possible please share the WSDL url, so that we can check the feasibility and suggest you steps.


Hi Mahesh and MR,

Thanks for your inputs. The issue resolved. Below are the fix details.

ISC.81.9190E Multiple port types are not supported when Pre-8.2 compatibility mode is false.
Tthe WSDL document used to create the Web service descriptor consists of multiple
port types. When creating a Web service descriptor in Designer, Integration Server
does not support multiple port types.
Split the WSDL document that consists of multiple port types into multiple WSDL
documents that each use a single port type. Then, create Web service descriptors from
each WSDL document.

Jacob B

Yes, that should fix the issue as suggested. Thanks for the updates and closing this thread.

Hi Mahesh,

Can you please take a look at the below thread as well.

Thanks in advance.

Jacob B