MQ adapter with MQIIH structure

I want to use webMethods to drop message on an MQ Queue for processing by the MQ-IMS Bridge. To do that, the FORMAT must be MQFMT_IMS in the MQMD, and the payload must consist of the MQIIH structure, followed by LLZZ (length field), followed by the transaction code and data.


This is fully described in [url][/url]

I do note that wM supports the MQMD.FORMAT=MQFMT_IMS, but I dont know how to populate the MQIIH and LLZZ since these both contain binary encoded data fields

Any help out there?

Does anyone have an insight in to this question? I have same exact question. There is nothing mentioned about MQIIH in the latest MQ Adapter documentation.

Raise a support incident request to Global Support. They will help you to check out with R&D.

There is a reason why developers use tech forums to ask questions. I already have a ticket open with them but the turn around time on the responses for the ticket are not always as good as you would expect.

Can anyone else help out there?

SAG Support confirmed that only MQMD headers are supported currently using the Adapter and its templates. I created a feature request(07077) and R&D is going to do a thorough analysis of MQ Headers available from IBM and include them in their future release.

For now, i used MQ Classes provided by IBM and created a Java service to create the MQIIH headers and LL\ZZ fields to send messages to MQ-IMS bridge. For receiving messages, i am still using the MQ Adapter listeners\listener notifications.

I did have to use the message format as “IMSVS” in the return messages.