MQ Adapter installation Issue

Hi All,

I downloaded the WmEnterpriseMQSeriesAdapter_en_US.exe MQ Adapter for Windows and as soon as I double click on it to install,I get the following error…

CreateProcess Failed ==> %1 is not a valid WIN32 Application

Do i need to have MQ Series Server or Client on my machine for this?

Please advice.



probably your download is corrupt.

Try donwloading again. Maybe turn your “VirusScan on download” off.

This download will only work for IS Servers until 4.6.

For newer versions of IS (4.6 and newer) you will need WmWebSphereMQ_en_US.exe with additional ServicePack SP3 and a whole bunch of Fixes (Fix6 to Fix15).

If this a new application being developed on IS 6.x you should consider using webMethods MQAdapter 6.0 (& SP1) instead (It should be available via the webMethodsInstaller). SP1 requires IS_6-1_Fix40 to work correctly.


Hi Joshi,

I recall that some of the older Enterprise Adapter installers required Microsoft’s JVIEW to be installed on the system you were installing on. The error seems familiar to this problem (though this is going back a while in my memory). You may prefer to download the .jar version of that adapter installer and use it instead from the command line:

java -jar WmEnterpriseMQSeriesAdapter_en_US.jar