Difficulty installing Enterprise MQ adapter

I am running into a difficulty installing the Enterprise MQ adapter.

Firstly the environment is as follows:
Windows 2000
IS 6.0.1
Broker 6.0.1
IBM MQ Series 5.3
WM Enterprise Adapter 4.2.2

I am able to install the Adapater, but when I try to configure the adapter by double clicking adapter_config.exe, nothing opens up.

I checked the install log and there seems to be an error, Broker Monitor service 4.0.1 not found. However, the Broker Monitor Servce 6.0 is up and running, so is the default broker.

Has any one run into the same issue. Any thoughts…

Try installing the Adapter Manager and configuring the Enterprise MQ adapter with that.

Hi ,

I downloaded WmEnterpriseMQSeriesAdapter_en_US.exe and when i Double click on it , i get the following error

CreateProcess Failed ==> %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

Can anybody help?


Hi all,

Enterprise Adapters are not designed to work with IntegrationServer 6.x.

You should try webMethods MQ Adapter 3.0 instead.