MQ Adapter: How to uniquely identify the response message


First of all: Thanks for all the other replies to my threads, they really helped alot! :slight_smile:

The Question:
I wonder if there it´s possible to set some parameter in the header of the MQ request message which can be used to identify one or more response messages?
Or even better, can I use the output of the request to identify one or more response messages?

I have tried setting the MsgId parameter but it is always increased by one for every message processed by the MQ server.

Thanks in advance

Hi mystiqu,

did you fix this problem cuz I have the same one ??
if ok, so please tell me how you did


Hi Tmac

If you can use the built-in request/response mechanism, you don´t have to worry about that. But - if I remember correctly, you can use the correlationID to map a request to a response.

Let me know if it work or not, I have a sample package laying around somewhere… just gonna find it :wink:


Hi Mikael,

I tried to use this mechanism but I didn’t have the result that i wanted to have, so if you find your sample package please send it to me
it’ll help me a lot

Have a good day


In what way didn´t it work as expected?
The request/response does not require you do set any specific fields, other than perhaps the Encoding so you can interpret what´s returned.

If you are not using the request/response feature, the msgID and corrID are used to map a response to a particilar request.

Set the msgID in the MQMD header tab (or leave it, it´s automatically generated if not set) and make sure it´s defined as an output field as well.

Set the msgID from the request as the corrID in the MQMD header section. This makes the service only retrieve a message containing that particular corrID.

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