How to corelate messages in xbd.log and messag.log?


Is there any coreleation between logs seen in factory.message.log and factory.xbd.log? How do i identify/group related messages in both xbd.log and message.log together?

For example,

A line in factory.xbd.log would be as below.

[slf5s.start]07 Jun 2007 12:25:22,583[slf5s.DATE]Thread-4[slf5s.THREAD]ERROR[slf5s.PRIORITY]xbd[slf5s.CATEGORY]- SagSequencer - 5f322ea9~113048d4eaa~3632 - Error getting sequence=

What does this “5f322ea9~113048d4eaa~3632” mean in above line?

A log in factory.message.log would be as below.

Message ID = 5c5f62f7~113020ca889~a39@expsag01
Time = 2007-06-07 08:35:36.663
Original Message ID = 5c5f62f7~113020ca889~a39@expsag01
Sequence Line = 4, Statement = step
Sequence URL = http://expsag01:9080/abc/def/setupEnvironment.xml


How does value in Message ID, Original Message ID of message.log corelate to a value in xbd.log?

Reason why I am curious is, i have an error thrown in xbd.log but wanted to know what messages went in message.log for this request.

Note: This mediator is not used by a single user. There are lots of applications and lots of users per application using this mediator.

Thanks & Regards,
Sathish Kumar T.K.

Hi Sathish,

Each CSO message has a unique identifier, which is stored in the message properties with a property name of xbd.original.messageid. It is set when the message object is created on arrival. It is a unique timestamp that includes the machine name of the machine that it was created on. It remains constant for the life of the message. It is displayed in the message.log file and also in the component factory log file (e.g. …xbd[slf5s.CATEGORY] c:SagSequencer m:~3c9f62f~112fccc8b59~~7fd8 - …).

Each message object has a unique id, and some sequence activities create new instances of the message object. These new instances will have a different message id, but they will all share the same xbd.original.messageid.

For the actual generation mechanism, see the javadoc for java.rmi.server.UID.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the explanation Mike.

Also, What i wanted to know is, whether there is a corelation between message ids present in xbd.log and message.log?

For example: I took a message Id (~5ac831f9~113200a851f~6d64) from message.log. Is it possible to find entries in xbd.log for this message id which i tool from message.log?

Sathish Kumar T.K.