How do you access the Conversation ID from a java client

Can someone tell me how to access the Converstation ID that is passed back to the java cient using the java ACI interface?
i’ve not been able to find it in the java doc or EntireX documentation.

Billl Head

I’m quoting my reply to the posting to the SAG-L list:

[i]Is there a particular reason why you are interested in such a “low-level” detail ?

Anyway, you might want to check the Javadoc and look for the class [/i]ConversationState. There is a “ticket” which might look familiar …

that worked… thanks!

the reason we want to use this is to write out a log with some time stamps used to track elapsed time from a java GUI client and map that to the EntireX SMF log data on the mainframe (which also captures conv id) - we using this for testing and monitoring performance end to end.