Generated Web Service & conversational rpc

I have a natural subprogram, natural rpc server, and a generated web service deployed into tomcat.
In the docs I find that I need to set the parameter EXX-CONV to either OPEN, COMMIT, or BACKOUT. My question is, where do I set that parameter? Also, I can’t find a location in the EntireX Workbench to specify I want to use conversational rpc. I have the following SOAP call currently (what do I add to enable conversational rpc?):


Do I get back a conv-id from the first call that needs to be sent on subsequent calls?

the parameter is set as an HTTP header value (lower case names only).

“Conversations can only be used in connection with sessions”

I set my http parameter to ‘OPEN’ and I specified to ‘mysession’ and made my call from the XML Tester in the workbench. Then what do I specify for the second call of the conversation? I am not ready to either commit or backout yet? I want to make 3 calls, first one open a conversation and update a record, second call update another record, third call either commit or backout.
Thanks, Carl