Session States and ID

:shock: :shock: Hallo :shock: :shock:

Is there anybody who can give a hint on how I can use session information
or at least how I can access those information for example from a Java programm?

a lot

  1. Dago 8)

Which “session information” are you looking for, do you refer to the SOA gateway Conversation / Transaction fields in the SOAP Header ?

:smiley: Hi Wolfgang

yes, I don’t know any other place where I can find session infos.
I think there is no way at the moment to use this information. But where for example in the java artifacts is it defined?

Best regards Dago

Checking the generated classes it looks like the Header isn’t mapped, I assume it’s due to the fact that it’s defined with minOccurs=0, will need to check further.

As for the information in general, it will get to life with V2.2 :wink: