Asynchronous SOAP Request - RequestID SOAP Header

I am using a SOAP tookkit to send asynchronous messages to the EntireX Servet. The servlet communicates with a Natural RPC server. In order to match outgoing and incoming message, I have to pass a unique RequestID in the SOAP header of the request message. The reply message for this should have the same RequestID in the SOAP header.

I can add the request header using the XML Mapping Editor, but how do I get the RequestID returned from the EntireX servlet ?

I think you can achieve this only if you map the RequestID to an IDL program parameter with direction IN OUT.

Change the default SOAP mapping so that this parameter is mapped to a SOAP header instead of an item in the SOAP body. You need to do this for both mapping directions (IN and OUT). And of course you need to add this parameter to your Natural subprogram.

Hope this helps.