MQ Series adapter


I would like to transfert an HTTP XML message to a MQSeries queue. My problem is I don’t want to create an HTTP listener for each outgoing queue.

The XML message contains the destination queue manager and queue names and I would like the adapter use this information to connect the expected queue dynamically.

Is it possible or not ?

There is no XML Gateways MQSeries adapter. You
could write your own program adapter that could transfer the document to MQSeries. Or there might be an XML Adapter for MQSeries.

I’m using the MQSeries adaptors available with Mediator (iway adaptors)

It is of course possible to route messages to multiple queues. The problem is in how you decide which queue is your destination. I believe the most effective way would be to include or add a property to the HTTP header. In a transfer http>MQ http header information is transfered to the RFH2 header in the queue. Each reply-to you define has also the possibility to apply conditional rules. I suggest you explore this possibility and attempt to apply the conditional rules to the http/RFH2 headers.

- Matthew G.

Thanks Matthew.

I don’t see how to apply the additional rules. All I want is having just one replyto definition in iway to dispatch messages to the expected queue.

Hello Jerome,

Sorry that is not possible. Each reply-to can have one and only one queue defined. You can however define multiple reply-to’s. My understanding of your problem was that you wanted only one http listener that sent your messages to various queues. You can only accomplish this by creating a reply-to definition for each of the queues. These are all a portion of the listener definition itself. If you wish to use the iWay adapters to perform some sort of discovery on your XML in order to route the messages to a particular queue, I would advise against it since Mediator already provides this functionality. :confused:

- Matthew G.

I don’t think iway adapters are able to route messages. They are just one way messages and protocols transformers.

An integrated MQ or JMS Mediator gateway would be a better solution I think. I’ll probably write it when the Mediator components will be extensible.

Thanks again Matthew.