EntireX XML Gateway

Just a simple question,

Can I use the EntireX XML Gateways only with Communicator without use Mediator?


calling it as web services from my own application Without a middleware?


Yes, the EntireX XML Gateways do not need the Mediator

Yes, you can invoke an EntireX XML Gateway from say a VB or .net pgm, provided you use the SOAP protocol. You also need to have an appserver like JBoss or WebLogic under which the EntireX XML Gateways are deployed.


Hi Euridici,

when referring to the XML Gateways I assume you are referring to the XML Gateways that is provided with EntireX XML Mediator? These gateways (Email, Orchestrator Transformer, Broker, XML Wrapper, FTP, HTTP and SOAP) are intended for use with Mediator. Mediator uses these gateways to communicate with the external world and thus these gateways are invoked from within a sequence.

So if I understand your question correctly, you want to know whether it is possible to expose your application as a web service by using one of these gateways (maybe the SOAP gateway)?

I don’t think it is possible to invoke the SOAP gateway, for example, or any of the other gateways without invoking a sequence and thus using Mediator.

I hope this answers your question.


And again I learn something new!! Thanks for the response Jon. Do you have any example code that I can have a look at?


Hi Theo

Just to avoid confusion, the EntireX XML Gateways (Adabas, RDBMS, Communicator, …) can be used standalone. The Mediator Gateways (Email, Orchestrator Transformer, Broker, XML Wrapper, FTP, HTTP and SOAP) are Mediator components.

I have some .net code that uses an EntireX XML Gateway. Is that what you want?

Its actually not difficult. .net does the hard part because it will use the .wsdl from the EntireX XML Gateways and build the necessary input and output structures.


Thanks for clarifying Jon.

I will give it a shot.

And now for that long overdue second cup of coffee! :wink:


I was talking about EntireX XML Gateways(Adabas, RDBMS, Communicator, …)

Thanks Theo and Jon for your answer.