Question on Communicator Installation

I have an EntireX 7.3 CD in hand and install it. When I go though the examples, I find I need to install EntireX Communicator 6.1 or up. Where is the EntireX Communicator package? And what the difference between Mediator and Communicator? Where could I find toturials on these subjects?

Thank you

Tao Zhao

You have ?EntireX 7.3? CD installed. This is the EntireX Mediator package, which deals primarily with XML sequence handling. EntireX Communicator is a cross-platform communication protocol. EntireX Mediator sequences can use EntireX Communicator calls.

The documentation for EntireX Mediator (which should be installed with your install of EntireX Mediator) has an overview of itself. If you have access to ServLine24, you can view the documentation for any products that you have a license for, including EntireX Communicator.

Douglas Kelly,
Principal Consultant
Software AG, Inc
Sacramento, California