MQ Adapter - Configuring put service


I need to send a parameter say., “myReferenceId” in the msgHeader while putting a message onto a queue. My problem is, in the ‘MQMD Header’ tab of the adapter service, I don’t get to add new parameters like “myReferenceId”.
Can you please let me know if there is a option to do so, or am I missing something here. :frowning:

Env: IS v6.1 and MQ Adapter v6.0


Hi again,

For above work around, instead of using “myReferenceId”,we have managed by using “ApplIdentityData” in header.

But now, we receive below error when trying to send the identifier using “ApplIdentityData”. Without this parameter being populated, the put services works just fine.

[ADA.600.1055] Exception caught Put : Unable to put message to queue on ; condition code is “2”, reason code is “2095”.MQJE001: Completion Code 2, Reason 2095

Error code: 2095 - MQRC_NOT_OPEN_FOR_SET_ALL

Any help on this please.


Make sure you have all the MQAdapter6.0 SP3/fixes in place in order to set “ApplIdentityData” in MQMD header and get it working:

Check this doc on the advantage:

1-AK94H (BMQA_3-0_SP3)
When you set values for ApplIdentityData and ApplOriginData headers on a Put operation, null values were placed on the queue. Now, these values get passed to the queue.