EDIINT Sending custom AS2 Headers

Dear wmusers,
My webMethods application using EDIINT module to receive and send EDI over internet through IBM Info exchange.

Could you help me how to send send custom AS2 header(Header name “Subject” and value =“Qualifier+InterchangeID” )
Like Subject = Qualifier+InterchangeID in the header.

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I am having the same problem. I am working on Proof of Concept for EDIINT AS2 communication with one of our Trading Partner.Till now I am successful in sending and recieving XML messages over HTTP using EDIINT. Our TP is using BTrade EDIINT Software and they are asking us to send name of the document as a subject in EDIINT Header.I modified the schema of EDIINT message to include subject but it doesnt work.
EDIINT gurus, Any ideas how to do this ?

Finally solved this problem with the help of webMethods Technical Support. webMethods take on this one…

We don’t support that ‘Subject’ header. This must
be some custom header.
With that said, you can however have a workaround. You can easily modify our
public wm.EDIINT:send service so that all EDIINT messages sent outbound will
have that particular header (or any others you wish to add).
Here is how it can be done:

(1) edit the wm.EDIINT:send service in the Developer;

(2) in the 2nd Sequence at top level (“prepare to submit to TN”), under 1st
Branch (/protocol), look at the Default child.

(3) In the Pipeline Out, there is a record called
‘mimeHeader’ with an ‘AS2-From’ and ‘AS2-To’ members. You can create a new
member/child called ‘Subject’, and hard-code or map in the value you desire

-We would suggest making a backup copy of the original send service before editing it;
-always make note of any public services that you edit, as we typically
advise against it, but for something like this, it is justified.