Moving webMethods to a different Unix Server


We are planning to move our installation of webMethods to a different server, but maintain the same host name/IP/DB connectivity etc.

Do we need to do a fresh installation and move packages, or can we simply copy the entire /apps installation folder to the new server?

It should be no problem to copy the entire folder to the new machine.
We’ve done that several times, on Solaris, with success. Make sure the IS and broker are down when you do the copy!

Thanks for your help Andre. We did the following:

  1. Took down the original server
  2. Copied the entire apps/webmethods folder to a new box
  3. Ensured that user wmadmin and the same Java version existed
  4. Renamed the new box to the old server IP/machine-name
  5. Ensured all DB/internet connectivity was set up
  6. Started the new server

Everything worked fine!

Thanks again.


I have a reverse invoke server (IS4.6) on a Solaris box. Now, I am told that I need two instances of the reverse invoke server (IS4.6) to route inbound transmissions to our Dev and Prod servers.

Is it possible to copy the entire folder to a new folder and start up this new instance with a different primary port? Will this work?


This might be working. But it is recommned to do new installation then
copy your config files. It is not hard to create a new copy.


Thanks for the advice, webMethods also advises a new installation.

Anyway, our network guys had already made a copy of the folder and changed all .sh files to reflect the new installation directory. I simply changed the primary port on the existing proxy server, and started up the new copy. It seems fine so far. I’ll let you know if we run into any problems.