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Hello community,

I would like to know if there is a tool or Java program that allows monitoring service usage, tracking trends, or detecting blockages at a given moment. I am looking for a program that would give me an overview of the state of my Integration Server (IS) at the present moment.

I am also looking for a tool that provides details on the topics of an Universal Messaging (UM), including consumers/producers, waiting line …

Thank you in advance for your help.

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They are both available but um depends on your environment configuration. For example if your UM is in kubernetes cluster, you need to install a seperate container from The same tool can be installed using installer.
For IS, what you are looking for WmMonitor but if my memory is correct, it requires a license. If you explain your requirements further, we may provide a better answer for you. For example, if you are planing to implement a UI for monitoring, Command Central might be a better solution for you. It monitors and manages the environment from one location.

WmMonitor documentation
um tools documentation
Command Central Documentation


additionally you might want to check out for the WmAdmin package.

For In-Depth-Analysis you can check for Optimize for Infrastructure (O4I), but this will get very complex then.


Please check out Otelscope. Its an OpenTelemetry product for Traces, Logs and Metrics out of the Integration Server. Its a package that gets installed and provides all the features to get the data into any OpenTelemetry compliant APM product like Datadog, NewRelic etc. or Open source versions like Prometheus, Loki, Tempo/Jaeger or Grafana.

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You no longer need third party products to support Open Telemetry.
Please check Self-hosted Transaction Monitoring - End-to-End Monitoring
We’ve released new self-hosted E2EM packages one week ago, it’s very new. With this you can feed APM solutions directly from the IS, MSR & API GW.

Regarding service usage monitoring, we provide Prometheus metrics in the MSR, UM and API GW. You can also have such metrics at IS level, but it requires a MSR license.

Hi Stephane - I’m excited to see OpenTelemetry support for webMethods! I checked out the documentation page for the new self-hosted E2EM packages and while it seems to be a step in the right direction, I would politely suggest it may be premature to rule out third party options. I’ve been using Nibble Technologies’ Otelscope for the last two years and I’d say there are quite a few differences between the two products worth mentioning.

For starters…

  1. Based on the E2EM documentation, E2EM does not support “monitoring of transactions that span only the self-hosted products”. This has been a critical requirement for many customers who are not leveraging as of yet and is something supported by Otelscope.

  2. E2EM only supports webMethods 10.15+ whereas Otelscope supports any version of webMethods running Java 8 or higher (so webMethods 9+).

  3. Otelscope supports traces within messages to Broker, UM, and MQ for example.

  4. Otelscope supports any OpenTelemetry-compliant APM including Datadog, Jaeger, New Relic, Grafana, etc.

  5. It appears that E2EM is mostly focused on traces, whereas Otelscope supports traces, metrics, and logs.

  6. I also didn’t see mention of more advanced OpenTelemetry use cases on the E2EM page… The concept of “Baggage” for example. Or defining custom attributes. Or filtering which services/packages generate traces. Or capping how deep a trace should go just to name a few.

  7. Lastly, it appears E2EM requires a great deal of configuration and customization required in numerous places to support the reference architecture provided. With Otelscope, assuming the OpenTelemetry collector is already configured, I can instrument an MSR/IS/APIG and be generating traces, metrics and logs in a matter of seconds with nothing other than a package installation and without restarting the server. Otelscope also has a UI for any additional customization.

Just a few thoughts after an initial review of the E2EM docs. I’ll definitely be taking it for a more thorough spin.


E2EM is indeed focused on traces. The agent we’ve recently released works for self-hosted runtimes and at target it’s also going to be used at level to export E2EM data to external destinations.

Given your explanations, Otelscope seems more complete. Feel free to message me in private, as a wM presages I am talking to a lot of customers who have implemented their own monitoring framework in a very code intrusive way, especially in the integration tier.