webMethods + OpenTelemetry

If you ever wished you could monitor your webMethods integrations in your favorite APM tool, keep reading.

Increased visibility along with performance monitoring and tuning of webMethods applications have always been focus areas for Nibble Technologies. This passion for helping customers identify bottlenecks and fine tune their integrations led us to develop Nanoscope, a powerful and versatile webMethods profiler, six years ago (see Nanoscope).

From that experience, we learned that our customers craved the ability to continuously monitor the performance of their integrations in real-time in addition to being able to perform more focused profiling exercises. After a couple of years of requirements gathering and development, we are now happy to present Otelscope, an OpenTelemetry connector for the webMethods platform.

Otelscope allows webMethods customers to export traces, metrics, and logs to their favorite APM tool using open standards and without vendor lock-in. You can now monitor your integrations in NewRelic, DataDog, AppDynamics, and Grafana among others!

With support for the webMethods API Gateway and Integration Server, you can trace the entire execution of a transaction as it enters your API Gateway, gets routed to a backend Integration Server, and is published and subscribed to and from the Broker or Universal Messaging before finally being sent to the target system. The entire trace is linked along with predefined system metrics, custom business metrics, server logs, and custom application logs, allowing you to quickly jump back and forth between logs, metrics, and traces.

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think: Otelscope