Step Up Your Application Performance Monitoring with WxAppDynamicsAgent

Seamless Integration with AppDynamics

Improve your application performance monitoring by integrating webMethods Integration Server with AppDynamics through this GitHub repository. This tool ensures comprehensive tracing of services and APIs as business transactions within AppDynamics, providing a seamless diagnosis of issues end-to-end.

Ensuring Comprehensive Tracing

WxAppDynamicsAgent has the power to configure the AppDynamics Java agent in conjunction with the iSDK to ensure that services and APIs can be traced as business transactions directly within AppDynamics. This allows you to diagnose any issues end-to-end without discontinuity. Plus, it ensures that asynchronous calls, including HTTP and messaging (both native and JMS), can propagate the transaction context.

Effortless Setup Process

Getting started with WxAppDynamicsAgent is simple. Whether your packages directory is already under version control or not, it just takes a few commands to import the package into your Integration Server packages directory. Then, it’s a matter of restarting your runtime server, and voila! The setup is complete.

Connection Configuration

An important step in the setup process is the configuration of the connection to your AppDynamics server. You can do this by editing the agent config file directly or, if you’re running in a container, by configuring connectivity through environment variables. It’s important to ensure your webMethods server is identified correctly, but don’t worry, detailed instructions are provided to guide you through this.

Take Back Control

Once the setup and connection configuration are complete, WxAppDynamicsAgent gives you the ability to restore or remove the AppDynamics Java agent as needed. This feature provides flexibility and control, as it allows you to easily adjust as per your monitoring requirements.

Advanced Usage

For those looking to delve deeper, WxAppDynamicsAgent offers advanced settings to further customize its usage. Environment variables like APPDYNAMICS_REPORT_CHILD_ERRORS and APPDYNAMICS_USE_SET_TRANSACTION_NAME allow users to tailor the agent’s behavior, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the application’s performance.

Additional Information

While the tools are provided as-is and without warranty or support, the WxAppDynamicsAgent package has been meticulously developed and tested.

Disclaimer: Remember, this repository doesn’t constitute part of the Software AG product suite, but users are free to use, fork, and modify it, subject to the license agreement.

Feedback and Ideas

  • If you find any bug, please raise an issue directly in the GitHub repository.
  • Please, feel free to share feedback and ideas by posting a reply here.

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