Monitor status of wM trigger service

If using UM message trigger, where does one check whether the message trigger service is disable or enable (status). Before, you do this check by logging into MWS and check whether the Broker client is “green” or “red”.

You can check this by logging into Integration Server and navigate to the messaging section under settings. Please check the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide for more details.

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In addition to the above, you can use UM EM if any outstanding events are pilling up in the channel/topic/queue.

Also, there is a UM health check utility to show the outstanding events and complete health stats for UM.


We’re trying to avoid having user install EM on their local laptop. Also, what’s this utility to check health status and such.

We are relying on Command Central to monitor channels/queues for outstanding events.

The Healthchecker is in the Tools directory, documentation is here:

it is in the same location as documentation for other useful tools which you may also be interested in.

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Is this tool executed on where the UM server is installed or comes with the EM installation. We don’t want user to use EM since it’s a bit much. We’re using CC for more of purging of UM messages and checking on outstanding events. Sounds like the healthcheck tool is more of “infrastructure” level check. What we’re trying to ensure is that when migrating over from Broker to UM messaging, we don’t limit ourselves from an operation and support perspective. For example, user log into MWS and check the Broker queue, delete message from the queue, check whether the client (trigger service) is “green” or “red”. I know one thing we’ll loose out of the box is the peek of the pipeline and re-submit them. With UM, the trigger service property require to enable “audit” in order to re-submit failed service.

Yes the tool is run where the server is installed. with regard to CC we are continually updating the capabilities for UM in CC so you will see updates each release.