Monitor resubmittion of documents and Integration Server

Hi …

We developed a solution where clients sends and receives messages using WebMethods Enterprise Server as the JMS provider. In the Enterprise server we created an integration that triggers on some of the incoming documents (lets call them “Incoming”), sends a “dummy document” to another JMS queue and logs the incoming document. We also created one flow in Integration server and a listener that subscribes to the same documents as the Enterprise Server (“Incoming”), and based on the documents, submits another JMS message. This works fine.

We also want to use the monitor to be able to resubmit messages. I can find all my sent messages in the monitor as I want, but when I resubmit a message from the monitor, the Integration Server flow isn’t invoked (the listener does not seem to receive the document). The “Dummy” document is published from the ES integration, so I know the document has been resubmitted.

Any ideas on this ?