How to resubmit failed trigger document from MyWebMethods?


According to the document, in the trigger, we can configure it to retry the service a couple of times. If it is still failed. IS can write the document into the logging table. Then, in MyWebMethods, we can resubmit the document manually.

My issue is that I can’t see the failed document in MyWebmethods. Any idea?

My environment: IS/Broker/MyWebmethods 7.1

What I have done:

  1. Configure and start WmMonitor, WmLogUtil in IS

  2. Check ‘Document type logging’ in MyWebmethods(Administration>Messaging>Brokers>Configuration)

  3. Add the trigger document into ‘Log Publish’ and ‘Log Ack’ in the client group.

  4. Add IS server into MyWebMethods.

Did I miss any steps?

In the log file, I can see the service was invoked a couple of times by the trigger and eventually, it throw a run time exception.

Thanks in advance for any help.