Document Logging and Resubmit capability in B2B and EAI


I am working a project in design phase in which we have B2B and EAI integrations.

For B2B, we are using trading networks for document re-submission if there is any error.

For EAI, mostly batch jobs, is there any tool in webmethods which we can leverage as out-of -box functionality without any code development?

I have a vague idea that we can use wM Monitor for the documents published on Broker for re-submission.If so, how efficient is wM Monitor and are there any known issues ?

Is there any other idea/suggestion ? Please let me know.

Thanks & Regards,

It depends what you would like to do once a batch fails, fail the whole batch or just one item and continue on with the rest of the items in that batch. If you can live with failing the whole batch then wmMonitor can be used where top level service can be enabled to resubmit batch jobs. One more thing that you should consider is the visibility of this to support staff, wmMonitor does a good job in identifying services that failed within a given timeframe etc., but if you would like to search for failed items using some business data set e.g., order# etc., it wouldn’t be very efficient.