Modify Look of IS Administrator and My webMethods pages

Is there a way to change the look of the IS Administrator and My webMethods web pages? something simple like modifying the color scheme?

I have a small team where everyone shares development, testing, and production support tasks. I want to modify the look of our production server’s pages so they are different from non-production servers to try to keep someone from modifying production configuration when they intend to modify a test configuration.

Yes for IS Admin you may need to play with WmRoot’s .dsp pages (which is proprietary but at your own risk you can modify the skins) and with MWS you can do via the wM Designer CAF (Portlets).

Please review the MWS admin user guide for more information on customization of MWS portal portlets using CAF.


for IS admin pages, you can try to change:

For WMS, depends on the skin you are using, you can try to change:

Are you sure this exist?

I don’t see this path from here for MWS…


*** is one of the skin you choose to use, example:

Thanks! Modifying webMethods.css worked for the IS Administrator and I was able to find the skin management tools and create a new skin that did what I needed for MWS.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it worked out for you!

Thanks for Information :slight_smile:


***\css\skin.css1. will replace the default whenever we restart the WMS. so try the below and let me know…

For Sysadmin Login


in line no:1466

Banner Block

replace with below code

background-color: #FF0000;;

2.For Administrator Login:


in line number: 2004

In Banner Block

replace with below code

background-color: #FF0000;;

Restart the MWS.