Modify header bar colors of IS Admin and MWS Admin pages via css


I’m looking how to simply change the colors of the header bar of the IS Admin and MWS Admin pages to differentiate landscapes (dev, qa, prd). I tried looking up this information and the closest I found was this thread from a few years ago that said to go to:

MWS: \SoftwareAG107\MWS\server\JFWMWS\deploy\portal.war\ui\skins\wm_skin_noodle\css\skin.css
IS: \SoftwareAG107\IntegrationServer\packages\WmRoot\pub\webMethods.css

Is this correct? If so, which lines are required to be changed to change the header bar color?

Thanks for any help!

In MWS, there is a GUI for adjusting the colors (and, actually, just every other aspect of the GUI). In the IS, you’d have to edit a .css file located in WmPublic/pub (if my memory serves me right). We did exactly that, and even automated that. But it works manually as well.

hello, thanks for your response. Well, in the OP I stated where I thought the .css file was located, and just needed confirmation if that was correct. The directory you stated is different. Which one is correct?

IS: \SoftwareAG107\IntegrationServer\packages\WmRoot\pub\webMethods.css

And if that was correct, I then need to know which lines to edit to change just the header bar color, as there are thousands of lines. Thanks!

The path you gave is the correct one. I don’t remember which line you should change. But with the dev tools in the browser you can quickly find out what class the page header has.

I’m not a web guy so been poking around in the dark, however I think I found the correct line to change.

I went to the supposed file location at:

I made the change, saved the file, then restarted the IS. However there is no change in color when reloading the page. So I’m not sure if that’s the correct file anymore. Unfortunately not sure where to go from here

There were several styles to adjust. “topbar” and “toptitle” are two of them. Get someone with CSS knowledge, and he/she will identify the correct styles in no time.

This approach has a downside, every time a core fix is applied, you would loose the changes.

For MWS - this could be done by editing the MWS Shell
For IS - There was a solution which lets you add the metadata. I will try to find it and update here.

That’s why we automated it. The IS applied the patch on each start. Of course, it checked whether the file has already been patched and did nothing if it has.

Sounds like a feature request, Is there a feature in brainstorm already, just wondering? :thinking:

Brainstorm is a bin and a waste of time. I’ve submitted several issues and never heard back.

I appreciate your sentiment and brainstorm has in the past acted like a blackhole. However, as the Product Manager for Integration & Microservices, I do assure you that I do take it seriously and in fact we are planning to revamp the whole approach and replace it with a new updated user interface that will be much nicer to use than brainstorm every was.
As I said I apologise for the past state of brainstorm and we are now endeavouring to listen more.

John, I’m glad to hear that. But it was and is not just about the interface. It’s about the communication (or the lack of it) and the pace at which the issues are processed. Just a nice GUI is not a solution for that.

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