Modify context-root for web applications

Hi all!

Is it possible to modify the context-root for a web application (deployed as *.war file) to MWS?
I already know:

  • if deployed form Designer, you can set the context root within the project proprties > Web Project Settings > Context Root. The context root is then used when the application is deployed to MWS (Remote)
  • if deploy via MWS Administration > Configuration > Install Administration you cannot set the context root. By default the name of the war file is used as context-root.

Is there any property/setting I could use to define the context-root?

For simplicity, the current release of MWS uses the filename to determine the context path of the application.

So if the filename is your_app.war then the application is mounted @ /your_app

So the best way to change the the context path is to rename the file.

Hi Eric,

thx for your response.

Ok - that’s fine for me. Another questions regarding context-root: When deployed from Designer to MWS, the context-root is all lower case once the web application is deployed?

In order to test servlets, should my exported *.war files be renamed to all lower case? Otherwise the context-root differs when exporting and deploying the web application to another MWS server.

Yes, that is also true. If your war file has any portlets in it, then MWS will convert the context path to all lower case. It makes it much easier to forward processing into the portlet if we don’t have to calculate the context path from a mixed case filename.

It is not required, but probably less confusing if you always use lowercase names for all war files being deployed to MWS.

Great hint.

Thx a lot!