Customize the template layout created with the "New Layout..." option

In order to force the enterprise standards on Natural for AJAX pages creation, we need to customize the template layout created with the “New Layout…” option (in several cases: the page created as new1.xml by Application Designer). Tips or hints?

The template used for a Natural Page is


Hi Wolfgang,
Perfect! I’ve tested here with the template you suggested and it worked fine… Thank you.

You are very welcome :wink:

Just one note:

As with all user- or customized files within the NJX framework you will have
to make sure the modified template gets carried forward on upgrades.

This is no longer necessary when working with NaturalONE 8.3.1 or above. Custom page templates can now be maintained and deployed as assets of the project.


what about a multi-project setup utilizing a common template ?

Will it have to be deployed independently for every single project, and thus every single copy will have
to be adjusted when “the template” needs to change ?

Thanks - Wolfgang

No, in that case you can maintain your templates in a separate project and they are visible to all projects in the workspace.

Thanks for the clarification, Thomas !