Ajax Configuration Settings: Development - Test - Deployment - Production

Hi All,

Do you also customize the Ajax configuration settings in cisconfig.xml to the needs of your applications?
For instance:
clientsideerrorinstatusbar: I want error messages in the status bar instead of showing browser popups
defaultcss: I want to set my stylesheet at a central place for the whole application
This are just 2 examples.

How can I handle this customized cisconfig.xml settings during development/test, deployment and in my production environments in a consistent way, without cumbersome manual steps?

What I want is:

  • Check in/out my cisconfig.xml file with my project into the version control system
  • In the ONE Development Environment: Use my cisconfig.xml for the HTML generation, the preview and for running my Ajax applications.
  • When creating a deployment archive I would like my cisconfig.xml to be packages in the .war file.
  • When my .war file is deployed into my production enviroment or test environment, I want that my cisconfig.xml is used - without any manual steps.

My solution for this is the following:

I add a special user interface component to my project, which only holds central settings like the cisconfig.xml, my custom controls, my stylesheets, my custom Natural Logon page… My cisconfig.xml I put into the subfolder cisconfig. Additionally I add a link to the cisconfig.xml deployed in the ONE Tomcat. When using Eclipse variables for this link, the link is still valid, even if I checkout my project into a different workspace. I am using the following link: WORKSPACE_LOC.naturalone\apache-tomcat\webapps\cisnatural\cis\config\cisconfig.xml
I can use the Eclipse tools (XML Editor, Compare Editor) to compare and update my files. Please see the attached screenshot.

With ONE 8.3.5 my cisconfig.xml will automatically be packaged into the .war file and is automatically used in my production and test environments.

My wishlist for future ONE versions:

When upgrading to a new ONE/NJX version or service pack, I currently need to manually update my cisconfig.xml in the ONE Tomcat - and I always forget this… If ONE would at least remind me that my cisconfig.xml is not in synch with the Tomcat cisconfig.xml and - maybe optionally - automatically update the cisconfig.xml in the TOMCAT and automatically refresh my webapplication this would be great. Then everything would work smoothly for me without any manual interactions. I can share my projects with my team members and also for them it works without manual interactions or customizations.

Would this also meet your requirements regarding cisconfig.xml handling?

What are your current solutions for cisconfig.xml handling?

Any hints, feedback is very welcome.

Best Regards,

Hi All,

an update on this:

The Natural ONE-Version 836 - which is planned for October 2015 - will contains convenient support for configuration handling of the Ajax configuration settings during the complete life-cylce (Development - Test - Deployment - Production)

Best Regards,