How to use various browsers in the development of my application?


I would like to know how to use various browsers in the development of my application.
Because Nartural One for Ajax can not maintain the same webpage in different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
Buttons and information disappear. To develop I use Mozila Firefox version 61.

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Hi Jorge,

In Natural ONE you can work with different browsers. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, IE are supported. The exact versions for the corresponding product releases you’ll find in the documentation of your installed product.

With which Natural ONE / Natural Ajax version are you having problems with these browsers?
Where do you have problems: In the preview of the Layout Painter editor or when running your application?

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Hi Cristine,

Problems occur when I run the application.
I develop the application using Mozilla Firefox 52.6.0, Natural One for Ajax 8.4.1/Softwar AG Designer 10.1.
With any newer version of Chrome or Edge the interface of the application is messy.
Mozilla Firefox on Linux occurs the same problem.

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Hi Jorge,

This is unusual.
What you could check:
Do you maintain your stylesheets with the NJX Stylesheet Editor? Remember that they need to be regenerated when upgrading to a new NJX version. In Natural ONE geration is done automatically for you as long as you use the recommended folders.
Do you use proprietary style settings in your stylesheet?

Browser Cache:
In NJX 8.4.1 the *.js files are refreshed automatically. But the *.css files are not versioned. Did you clear the browser cache?

Custom Controls:
Do you have custom controls with own java script/html?

I am curious: Would you like to attach one of your layouts, which is broken in Edge/Chrome?

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