HTML5/CSS3 in Natural for AJAX 8.3.5

Hi All,

Natural for AJAX 8.3.5 - the new release - supports HTML5/CSS3. Your NJX applications are now rendered according to the HTML5/CSS3 standard. Older NJX versions were running in rather old and browser specific browser modes, so-called “quirks” modes.

Independent from HTML5/CSS3: When upgrading your applications and development environments to new NJX/ONE versions, you always need to regenerate your layouts and style sheets. This time it is even more important because otherwise your layouts and styles are not upgraded to HTML5/CSS3. When trying to run them the rendering is wrong. Usually no adaptations to your layouts are required. But in some rare cases you need to do smaller adaptations to your style sheet.

Please find attached a brief guide for a smooth upgrade to Natural for AJAX 8.3.5 and HTML5/CSS3.

Best Regards,

NJX and Ajax Developer - Switching to HTML5.pdf (602 KB)