Ajax and NaturalOne

Our Natural server is a Windows server.
We use Jboss, but this is installed on a different windows server.

By mapping the Natural Server environment, it is no problem to reach the Natural objects.
Automatically a project is created (locally) in which the object is copied.

But I cannot find how to reach my layouts that reside on the other server.
How can I edit and change my layouts in NaturalOne?

Click on a /AJAX) project, select new -> other -> Natural-> and then the Deploy xyz .
enter the approriate parameters to deploy the layouts to ypour app server location.
finally of course start your ant script for deployment.

You can import your layouts into the project in the following way:

  • Right click the project
  • Choose New / User Interface Component
  • Choose the option ‘Import user interface component from external server’
  • Browse to the page layout directory on the JBoss server