Modify a PIP


I am trying to modify a certain PIP from Rosettanet. Our company has certain fields that are not included in one of the PIP’s. Therefore we were either going to use a lot of extra FreeFormText fields as the extra fields needed, or we were going to look into modifying a PIP. Have you ever come across either of these situations and is one a better choice than the other?

I was wondering if you could tell me how much work would be involved in adding extra fields to a PIP? I believe I would have to add another Schema file that would have the fields I am looking to update. I would also need to create a new DTD file for the PIP. What else would I have to do? Also, if anyone has done this before, how long does it take and is it something that a beginner can accomplish? Thanks for any help you can give me.

John Oggenfuss


I have seen a few people add fields to a RN PIP and had it work nicely. I would think that would be cleaner than putting all additional information in the FreeFormText field. Maybe not easier, but cleaner.

You should be able to modify the PIP DTD and schema (or PIP record in webM Developer directly if you choose) and be good to go. You’ll need to make sure all partners you choose to engage in conversations with have the same DTD but that’s all you’ll have to do.

as to how long it would take, it’s hard to say. If you’re a beginner it may be a bit too much for a first project, though, as DTDs are fairly complex and sensitive documents.

hope that helps,


Thanks for the advice. I was wondering if you know how to modify the schema for WebMethods. We have one schema loaded called: “rosettanet_v2_webm.xml” which contains all the items in the PIP’s. When modifing a PIP, would I modify this file or create a new one? Then if I do create a new file, would it contain only the new fields, or the items for that particular PIP, or all the items in the previous file as well as the new fields? Again, thanks for your help.

John Oggenfuss


I believe that rosettanet_v2_webm.xml is just the RN dictionary. If you want to modify a specific PIP, you can change the DTD that comes with the .zip file (that you get from