Handling/coding of schema based PIP 3B3 in webMethods 6.5

RosettaNet 6.0.1 SP1, IS 6.5, TN 6.5 Monitor 6.5.1, Modeler 6.5.1, PRT 6.5.1.


I am using PIP3B3 version 11.00 a schema based PIP. I have successfully done the modular PIP import. I noticed in the RosettaNet documentation for the PIP that is mentions something about ebXML. Are there any significant differences in handling a schema based PIP in webMethods versus a regular RosettaNet DTD based PIP? I have done numerous DTD based PIPs and the schema based PIP looks like a completely different process. I’m wondering if I have to use the ebXML module as part of this process for the schema based PIP?