Queries on RN impl


Can you please clarify on my below queries?

  1. What is the difference between .par file and .zip file we get from Rosetta Net site with .dtd/.xsd file and other configuration files for specific PIP? Is this .par just a customised one from the existing PIP implemented already in IS?

  2. When you build a PIP, it creates an IS doc in developer with which it does a validation for received doc. If I add some more fields to the .xsd file and want to reflect these changes to this ID doc, DO I again need to build the same PIP with this .xsd and overwrite?

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  1. .par files contains the specific Pip documents/TPA’s etc. so when you install the using the par document it install all the neccessary components to start your RN implementation. .Zip file is customised implemented already on IS.

  2. To add new fields you need to existing PIP, you need to add these values to RN standard dictionary and then to schema and again rebuild the pIP. However it is advisable to create custom PIP’s in user directories but not a default directories, in order to avoid overwrite in case of patches etc. Please refer to RN implementation guide for more on Custom RN implementation.


  1. .Zip file contains specificaiton document, DTD file and Message guidelines(html). Using this DTD file also you can build a pip documents.


Thanks both for your comments.

Since these files contain the same (TN, IS Docs, DTD and TPAs) to implement RN set up, Can you please eloberate bit more like In what scenario I can go for specific file to impl this RN set up if I have both the fies?

Recently I had impl one PIP in wM with .zip file (Contains a .dtd file and some specification doc inside and built it thru RN admin page) and is working fine. The other application which sends this PIP to my application had added some extra fields to this PIP and asked to impl same changes in wM too by providing new .xsd file. As I already have an IS doc created in wMRNPIps package, how do I proceed to impl this change with this .xsd file?

Thanks for you help.

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The other application which sends this PIP to my application had added some extra fields to this PIP:

To answer this question, Make sure you are also using same PIP version. For Example PIP3A4 has v02.00, v02.02 and etc.,
In your side and other application also has to use same version.

Yes Arul,

PIP version is same in both applications.