Missing Stored Procedures for Archive/Purge Audit data

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  I am working on Archiving IS Core Audit and Process Audit. In the documentation they mentions "[SIZE=2]When you installed the Archive database component, you also installed stored procedures for archiving or deleting data between database components installed in Oracle".[/size]

But I dont see any stored procedures, When I installed Archive database Component. Any one have any idea, regarding stored procedures to Archive Audit data…? Where I can get them ?

BTW Im working in IS 7.1

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You need to run dbconfiguratorUI.bat and select product “Archive”, then type in your JDBC url user/password and click on execute.

This will create the stored procedures in the Oracle schema used.

Also you need to create the tables for those products you want to archive. So select “Product IntegrationServer” as well.

Notice the Archive schema is different from the one used for the other pools.

Hope this helps

Hi Dev, Thanks for quick reply.

I did the same way, small change is I am using command line procedure.

dbConfigurator.sh -a create -d oracle -c ARC -v latest -l "jdbc:wm:oracle://***:1521;serviceName=****;sysLoginRole=sysdba" -u username -p password

after completion of the database component installation, I see some packages, in the oracle. but I dont see any procedures.

I went back to Webmethods/common/db/scripts/oracle/archive/21/create folder and checked whether there are any scripts for procedures… I dont see any…
I only see sql file to create tables and views and some files with .pkg and .pkb extensions.

so I wonder, whether all the archive procedure will be done with support of the code inside the packages…! or will there be any procedures I have to download seperatly from advantage…? or Do I have to install any Fixes for Monitor to see stored procedures in Oracle…?


.pkb and .pkg contain the definition of the archive stored procedure.

After running dbconfigurator, you’re expected having them created, as example PROCESS_ARCHIVE.START_PROCESSARCHIVE

If not, it’s because you didn’t installed the right product.




I am facing the same behaviour while running it from DB configurator tool… packages are getting created but procedures are missing… did everything right so clues why its happening :frowning: … anyone got solution for it.

fyi … i m doing it on 8.x


Run installer, point to your existing installtion and check if there is any new database component build available higher than the one you have… if that’s the case update them.

On the other hand, do you get any error when executing the create option?

Finally get sqldeveloper http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/sql-developer/overview/index.html and configure a connection with same user/password you used for creating the tables, navigate to packages and expand to see if stored procedures are there…

I m running on latest build and there was is no error in erorr logs (DB configurator) … guessing it can be issue with user previllages to this user account but i guess the user have DBA access, cross checking again :expressionless:

I have the same problem than you
dbConfigurator.sh -a create -d oracle -c ARC -v latest -l “jdbc:wm:oracle://:1521;serviceName=*;sysLoginRole=sysdba” -u username -p password

I don’t understand what i have to put in “serviceName”?
Thank you

ServiceName is the schema that you used for wm.

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