Missing Record Branch Step

Hi All,

Hope you’re all well. I was wondering if you could help with an issue I’m having.

In my outgoing ORDER CONFIRMATION idoc document (SAP) I have the record E1EDP20.

E1EDP20 only exists/appears in the idoc if the product on that lineis on back order.

If the line item is OK and in stock then E1EDP20 doesn’t appear in the doc.

My question is when I branch out and create a sequence what expression do I write to checdk whether the Record E1EDP20 exists or not?

I’ve tried

%/E1EDP20% = $null

but it doesn’t work and just always goes to to my $default label


Can you throw a screenshot showing the flow code with branch properties and also the document structure of E1EDP20.

Hi Mahesh,

You well? Thank you for responding; very kind of you.

Please see attached.

Again, after the order is received by SAP, it sends out an order confirmation.

As you can see, E1EDP20 segment/record is a child of E1EDP01. E1EDP01 represents each line on the order received.

If E1EDP20 is missing then that means that the whole of that line is ‘accepted’

If E1EDP20 is visible then it means that line is on ‘backorder’

I hope I’ve been clear Mahesh.


Hi Mahesh,

Any further thoughts?


Hi John,

Use Branch on Variable
use label “/.+/” - if the value exists
Default - for null

Find the screen shot for more details:


another way with branch on condition is:

set label as %/testDoc/XYZ%==null ( for Null check)



Thank you for your support. You’re very kind.

I tried another way before I saw your response and it seems to work…

Here is the E1EDP20 segment again…

0 20170116 093402

I noticed the 'SEGMENT = “1” ’ part so I did a branch on two sequences…

%/E1EDP20/@SEGMENT% = “1”



This seemed to work.

How do I check if E1EDP20 in its entirety? Could I use %/E1EDP20% == null (shouldn’t it be $null)

Can you indly also tell me what “/.+/” means?

Thank you for your help. You have been brilliant.


Could you not response on time, hope the issue is now resolved. Refer the below link to know more about Regex.