Missing packages

Hi all,

I am working on an migration from WM 4.6 to 6.01. But I am having problems with the migration since I could not find certain packages in wm 6.01 anymore. Some of the moves are documented in the document PDF file, while some others are never documented.

where is wm.tn.cm now? I am trying to use wm.tn.cm.log.

Thanks for reading this.

seems like conversation management has been completed removed in version 6.0, and Modeler has replace the module.


yes,you are right and you can see all the CM related replacement services in WmPRT package of pub.prt.tn folder(used by TN/Modeler/Monitor).

RMG, thx for your quick reply.

however I could not find the services I used to call under pub.prt.tn folder e.g. wm.tn.query.conversationQuery under WmTN package. BTW I used quite a few services from the query folder and the cm folder in v4.6.

in addition, how about other changes to the services? Are they undocumented anywhere? I can find a few changes documented in the PDFs, but a lot of them, like wm.b2b.edi.templateMgr.getTemplateNames under WmEDI package (in 4.6), I could not find its corresponding successor in wm 6.0, even though I could find the folder wm.b2b.edi.templateMgr. So I can’t really migrate the same function to wm 6.0.

would appreciate you can shred some lights on this.


The service wm.b2b.edi.templateMgr.getTemplateNames(EDI4.6) is removed in the EDI 6.0 module but i am not sure what is the replacement of this and i too didnt find any documentation on the replacement services,but very few though.

sorry,contact tech support if they can help on this.



webMethods provides a good upgrade quide for webMethods 6.0.1, the “webMethods Integration Platform Installation and Upgrade Guide 6.0.1”.
You can find it on advantage under Home > Bookshelf > Component Upgrade > webMethods Integration Server.
This document explains in detail all the necessary steps in the upgrade process.
I did a 4.6 -> 6.0.1 upgrade myself using this document and experienced no problems. We didn’t have conversations, but the upgrade process for those is explained in the same document.
And indeed, there’s no conversation engine in Trading Networks anymore. This has been replaced by the Modeler / Monitor functionality.