Missing data in pipeline

Hi guys,

I encountered a quite strange behaviour with IS 8.2.
With apparent random occurrence, during data mapping, values read from a data source and present in the input pipeline are lost during mapping and as a consequence, are missing in the output.
This happens on several mapping interfaces, with flat and xml files as data sources and SAP IDOC structures as output.
The issue appears during batch processing.
None of the random missing values are dropped during mapping so this is not the cause.
On data reprocessing the mapping is performed correctly as expected.

Concrete example:
Data from a flat file is read, mapped to an IDOC structure and sent to SAP.
The idoc structure contains lists of items.
Among mapped fields per item are:

  • header number for the idoc items - the header number variable is initialized, incremented in the mapping service for each new item and mapped 1 to 1 to the idoc structure
  • and time field (as string), read from the flat file and mapped 1 to 1 to each idoc item.
    In some cases, among the list of mapped items, one header number is missing in the output completely, although the number is incremented but apparently just skipped during mapping.
    Or the time value for one of the items in the list is not mapped. Or both.
    The issue randomly occurs on other fields as well.
    Although all the data read from the source file is read correctly and can be found in the pipeline (as confirmed with e.g savePipelineToFile), some values cannot be found in the output.
    Also there are no mapping conditions which these fields do not meet for them not to be mapped.

The issue can hardly be reproduced on any dev, test, prod environments.
On serveral (same) data reprocessing i managed to reproduce some missing values (other values each time) but with no apparent pattern or cause.

Has anyone encoutered this behaviour before?
Let me know if you have some suggestions.



Experienced similar issue in 9.x version , applying latest designer fix fixed the problem.
you may check designer fix to see if its already a known problem.