MIME attachments with PuncoutSetupRequest message

The organization I’m consulting for wants to receive cXML based messages via Ariba/Trading Networks. I noticed that the Ariba service wm.b2b.cxml:receiveCXML automatically parses the incoming cXML into a node and also converts any MIME attachments into an attachmentWrapperCollection. However, in the documentation it states that “the attachmentWrapperCollection will only be present if the document was an OrderRequest sent with attachments.” (Ariba Onramp User Guide p.23).

However, in our setup, we’re going to adapt the PunchoutSetupRequest to handle initial requests for services, which will include document attachments. My question is if there is any way to still have access to the attachments in the pipeline even though they arrive with a PunchoutSetupRequest and not an OrderRequest message.

Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

I believe only OrderRequest messages can contain attachments,but not PunchoutSetupRequest messages as per the AribaSupplieronRamp supports.

In my experiences i haven’t seen the clients supporting Punchout messages with attachment.May be some one have done this type.Pls share any ideas.


I took a look at the receiveCXML flow service in developer, and there isn’t a branch where the message type is explicitly checked. So I’m thinking it might work to try just calling that with a PunchoutSetupRequest containing attachments anyway. Some tweaking might be required in the OnRamp config. If I’m able to verify this I’ll post again.


Pls share with us if you find some nice clue how to handle POSR attachments.

It is in fact possible to send attachments with a PunchOutSetupRequest. The structure of our message is a MIME/multipart, with the first body part being the CXML PunchOutSetupRequest. As I mentioned from an initial examination of the receiveCXML service, nowhere does it check the message type. I’ve verified that the attachments are in the pipeline and have iterated through them using the provided services.