MILS data

Has any one every handled MILS data? We have a requirement to receive MILS and forward to a translator to be sent back to us as X12 to be processed. I need to find a way for WM to read it and forward on. Any ideas are appreciated.


  • milstrip - Military Standard Requisitioning And Issue Procedures

Is MILS a standard data specification or protocol basis…Is that something spl type of data to receive and process??

How is the MILS data diff from a flatfile point of view??

It is a special type of date that does not come in as X12. None of the standard X12 structures or envelopes can be used. I am attempting to key on the few constants in the structure to Identify and re-route as needed.

It looks like it is a flat file format? You’ll want to define flat file schemas that define the records and structures that you’ll need to process. If you only need particular fields, then define the records to extract only the fields you want.

I assume the solution is routing to an EDI translator and giving you back X12 because you already have X12 processing/mapping defined in IS?

If it is flat file format (readable not encrypted) in that case pls follow the Rob’s mentioned above and it should be straight fwd process.

BTW,which X12 transaction set is going to be at the endpoint??

So is your EDI transalator webMethods itself or Gentran/GIS or Mercator or GXS or Inovis or eVision based??


MILS is a flat file format but it varies from fixed to variable format i.e. “SHV” The V for variable or there could be an F for fixed which is confusing building the schema. My only real constants are the SH and the delimiters. We have an X12 routing structure in place in IS. The translator of choice right now is Mercator. On the outbound they could be 511R, 511M, 517M, 870s, etc.