Migration of webMethods free trial from previous version to new version

Hi Community,

I’m currently using Software AG webMethods free trial version 10.11 and I have come to know that free trial version 10.15 is also available now for download via TechCommunity

I would like to know what are different options to migrate v10.11 to v10.15?

Is it possible to upgrade 10.11 to 10.15 (so that I don’t have to manually replicate all existing settings or packages from 10.11 to newer version 10.15)?

I am asking it because I am not sure how to migrate to newer version (if migration possible).

Otherwise only option I see is to do clean/new installation of 10.15 first and then manually copy/replicate packages & configurations etc to v10.15.

I want to see if any community member has any prior experience of migration from older version to newer version? or if community experts want to suggest me some better approach (migration vs new setup)?

Hi Muhammad,

I am not sure if this applies to the free trial versions, but after installing the new version there is a migrate script which can be used to import/migrate the data from the old version to the new version.
You might want to check out the “Upgrade webMethods Products Guide” for futher informations.


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Please note that migration option and scripts are also available with free version. Please have a look at the scripts located under IntegrationServer/bin/migrate directory and documentation pointed out by @Holger_von_Thomsen.


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