Migration of Current Project From WebMethods 5.0 to WebMetho


This reference to mail Release Annoucements Forum and the Topic is webMethods Integration Platform 6.0.1 - Released 21 March 2003. In the mail webMethods told they are going to release migrating tool for convertion currenct project 5.0 to webMethods 6.0 in after three months. Any body have idea about this tool, is it avaiable in the market. If any body started migration of there project from 5.0 to 6.0 then I want know how they are converting and taking care Enterpirse Server Integration logic. Why becuase as per my knoweldge webMethods 6 broker user ful to routing the doucment total integration logic going to sit on Integration server. But in my previous project we are using ES and IS on webMethods 5.0 and we are planing for migration of webmethods6.0.1. If you have information or doucments please send