Migration from DB2 to MS SQL

Hello Experts,

We are planning to migrate from DB2 to MS SQL database. At present all our webMethods jdbc adapter services is created based on DB2 connection. Does the migration to MS SQL impacts these adapter services (select, insert, stored procedures).

Else, can we use these adapter services as it is and on updating jdbc adapter connection to look up on new MS SQL db will do ?

Hi Anu,

as long as they are defined as “.” there should be no issues.

Otherwise you will have to modify the adapter services to match this.



  • Make sure you have the same table and SP names as in your DB2. After migration I would still suggest you manually check the adapter service to see if it is pointing to the correct table names and test it rigorously.

Hello – I echo with Holger, you no need to do much manual work.

@Mahesh: definitely they copy the DB elements from DB2 to MS SQL. Obviously they have the same names as part of Db elements like tables,Stored Procedures, Functions,…


Hi Guys,
Can someone please tell me how to migrate DB2 to MS SQL on which webMethods is sitting?
Currently we have wMs on DB2 and now we want to migrate DB2 to MS SQL.
Please suggest some rough idea’s like if wMs developer should do or DBA’s needs to be involved. Thank you very Much…

If you have your entire webMethods product table sitting in DB2, and you want to migrate to MS SQL, it might not be good idea to choose to export/import schema options.

If it is a new environment, then it is better if you use the db scripts provided in the product installation to create the tables, and point your environment to this.

If this is a production environment, or existing environment, do you have any in-flight data that needs to be moved?

There are no out of the box scripts that can move data between two different databases.


Thanks Senthilkumar,
Using DB scripts tables can be created so that is easy.

But we also have to move the data (MWS, TN , process etc), that is the challenge.

Okay. I have few further questions…

  1. Is this a production environment?
  2. Do you have ‘in-flight’ process instances in waiting state? I mean, process instances in ‘started’ state waiting for a user to complete the task.
  3. What data you want to move from TN?
  4. What data you want to move from MWS?


Julia, I can see there are a few tools in market which can ease your work. Please search online to find and make use of. Let us know if you see any obstacles.


while browsing I came across below URL’s. Please have a look:




Hi @Holger

Same logic applies for Sybase to MSSQL DB migration? Wanted to check.

Hi Istkhar,

should apply as well here.

Never did so by my own.

We only have migrated from DB2 to Oracle very long time ago (while migrating from wM 6 to wM 7) and for one of our parts from MS SQL to Oracle last year while migrating from wM 8.2 to wM 9.12.
Both migrations where accompanied by an OS migration, forcing to be a side-by-side migration, only migrations in 6.x or in 7.x where done by overinstallm which is no longer supported by recent releases.