Migration form 9.12 to 10.5 - Failed Migration for WSS Configuration Migrator for Platform

Hi techies,
we are migrating form 9.12 to 10.5
I compiled the ZIP files from source IS and TN (same server) and in the target server, I executed the below commands as per the upgrade documentation

  1. D:\SoftwareAG\common\migrate\osgi\bin>migrate.bat -srcFile D:\IS105Upgrade_conf.zip -importFile migrate9120sbs.dat

Summary of Migration

Successful migrations
CommonConfConfigurationMigrator Configuration Migrator : Common Conf Configuration for Platform Migrator
Migration successful. Exiting the migration utility.
*** End Common Platform Migration ***

  1. D:\SoftwareAG\profiles\CTP\bin\migrate>migrate.bat -srcFile D:\IS105Upgrade_conf.zip -importFile migrate9120sbs.dat

This command gave the summary as below.
As you can see, there is a failed migration failed for ‘WSS Configuratuion Migrator for Platform’

Summary of Migration

Successful migrations
Logging Configuration Migrator : Log Configuratuion Migrator for Platform
JMX Configuration Migrator : JMX Configuration for Platform Migrator
JAAS Configuration Migrator : JAAS Configuration for Platform Migrator
SSH Configuration Migrator : SSH Configuration for Platform Migrator
CTP Configuration Migrator : CTP Configuration for Platform Migrator
SSO Configuration Platform Migrator : SSO Configuration Platform Migrator
Custom Wrapper Configuration Migrator : Platform Migrator for Tanuki Wrapper Custom Configuration
Debug Configuration Migrator : Debug Configuration Platform Migrator
Security Authz Configuration Migrator : Security authz Configuration Platform Migrator
Security LDAP Configuration Migrator : Security LDAP Configuration Platform Migrator
Watchdog Configuration Migrator : Watchdog Configuration Platform Migrator

Failed migrations
WSS Configuration Migrator for Platform : WSS Configuratuion Migrator for Platform
Migration failed. Exiting the migration utility.
*** End Software AG Runtime Migration ***

Does this mean, the entire migration has failed? or migration failed for just ‘WSS Configuratuion Migrator for Platform’?
How to fix this?
Should I worry about this?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


in Migration when a migrator fails, the rest of the migrators continue their execution and at the end a summary is printed. Which means that in this case the Migration failed only for “WSS Configuration Migrator for Platform”.

Please, open incident to Software AG and upload the migration log from the target Software AG installation in the defect. The path to the log is “SAG-install-dir”/install/logs/migrationLog.txt. We need it for further investigation.

Yuliana Ganchevska