Custom Log4j Logger Not Working After 10.5 Migration? Solution Here!

Custom Log4j logging is not working after 10.5 migration from 9.x? You can try below steps.

Since 10.5, webMethods has migrated to Log4j2. To migrate:

  1. Copy /common/lib/ext/log4j/log4j-12api.jar into /instances/default/lib/jars/.

  2. In custom_wrapper.conf, set the following:
    ==============="<Installation Path>/profiles/IS_default/configuration/logging/,packages/FrameworkSolutionLogger/config/" xxx.stripquotes=TRUE

where XXX is a unique number.

  1. If there’s a custom in your custom wrapper, run the attached service customLogger.log4j2.util:generateLog4j2ConfigSection, which converts CustomLogger\config\ to
    Note the following inputs:
    i. log4j2PropertiesFilePath – choose dropdown
    ii. loggerName – refer to for inputs (10.5 KB)