Active Transfer version 10.7 activetransfer.log not updating

Hello Experts,

Just posting this question as to why the activetransfer.log is not updating. Previously on version 10.5 we are seeing this logs getting updated on [installationDir]/profile/IS_default/logs/activetransfer.log. But when we have installed the 10.7 version we no longer see this logs getting updated, instead the wrapper.log gets some logging related to activetransfer. I need this logs to get updated so we have centralized way on where to check logs specific only to activetransfer. Plus we need to have the activetransfer logs to be on debug mode for our dev server. I tried changing this parameter on [installationDir]/profile/IS_default/configuration/logging/ to change the mft logging to debug but this seems to not work at all. Kindly advise. Thanks a lot.

Hi Paul,

Yes, the ActiveTransfer logs are not getting logged to designated ActiveTransfer.log in 10.7.
We have identified this issue and the fix is available as part of MWS 10.7_Fix 1.

Installing MWS 10.7 Fix 1 should resolve this issue.


Hi Biswa,

Thanks for the information. I think we have already installled this fix. But still issue persist, do we have other steps we need to take?

  1. My webMethods Server
  2. Server 10.7
  3. [I] My webMethods Server Platform Manager Plug-in 10.7 Fix 1 (Installed)

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the delay in response.
This requires fix for ‘My webMethods Server’, not ‘My webMethods Platform Manager Plug-in 10.7 Fix 1’
i.e. ‘My webMethods Server 10.7 Fix 1’.

Please refer the screenshot shared.

This should resolve the issue.

We have identified the same issue with MWS 10.7 Server Fix 1 as well.

Fix for this issue will be available as part of MWS 10.7 Server Fix 2.
If a test patch becomes available, will update this thread.

Apologies for the earlier update.


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